Business Trip FAQ

Why should you join this trip?

      There are tremendous amount of business opportunities in China waiting for you to explore;
      and our expertise and experience in organizing executive business trip will ensure your satisfaction.

Are there ATM machines in China to which we will have access?

      There are very few. However, traveler's check and credit cards are accepted everywhere.
      American cash is also welcome at most places.

Will there be hair dryers in the hotel rooms?

      Hair dryers are available at housekeeping in all hotels which we will be staying.

Will we need electrical converters or adapters?

      To operate your curling iron, you will need an adapter and a converter. The electricity in China is 220 volts.
      The adapter is available from housekeeping in all hotels.

What are the limitations on luggage? How many pieces and how much weight is allowed?

      For Chinese domestic flights, each person is allowed only 44 pounds of checked baggage.
      International flights permit two pieces weighing 70 pounds. Actually, that's quite a bit.
      Plan to shop later in the trip, especially in Shanghai.

Is there a limit on the amount of goods we can take out of China?

      There are restrictions to how much goods and money as a visitor one can bring out of China.
      Due to constant changing of regulations and rules in both China and US, we recommend all our clients to
      refer to the Chinese Embassy and the US custom for the latest update.

What is the average climate?

      The climate in China is very different from area to area, and the overall best time to visit should be March to May (Spring),
      and September to November (Autumn). Usually, during this time the temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C (68°F-86°F).