Marketing and Public Relations

Creating New Markets

The Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) is a full service business development firm that is focused on driving growth in Chinese markets, both domestically and abroad. We work with companies to build value by strengthening their access to markets through alliances, direct to consumer, business to business marketing, public relations, media guidance, government relations support and culturally appropriate branding. We connect business-to-business companies with decision-makers worldwide.

We recognized that many firms have difficulty getting off the ground when it comes to approaching Chinese markets, and thus we offer marketing and public relations management as a service for our clients. We develop multi-platform marketing solutions firmly grounded in customer needs and objectives as well as in the company’s overall business strategy. Our services help to differentiate brands, generate new sales opportunities, and increase enterprise value through traditional and online media channels.

CABDC helps business-to-business companies achieve new levels of growth in diverse markets such as Life Sciences, Chemicals, Packaging & Converting, Graphic Arts, Health, Sports, Banking and a wide array of manufacturing industries.

Creating Domestic Appeal

Chinese Americans continue to cluster in close-knit communities where viral marketing and simple word-of-mouth promotion are the cornerstones of successful marketing campaigns. The differing needs of a Chinese American campaign have kept expansion into this market stagnant and have left the market relatively untouched. CABDC helps companies break into these communities through a combination of selective media buying, public relations management and culturally appropriate events that ensure results.

Growing Abroad

CABDC has established an unparalleled network of relationships with major Chinese media, a large network of Fortune 500 Chinese companies with branches in China and United States, and local and central decision makers in China. CABDC has also established a strong and respected presence within the government arena, including high level contacts across industrial regions within China. Having access to local government and business leaders in manufacturing regions is essential to developing a successful enterprise.

We offer our clients access to these connections as well as proper marketing strategies to be used abroad. China continues to be the largest growing market in the world today and as expansion continues into the manufacturing interior, having a proper marketing strategy is becoming ever more important. CABDC provides over 20 years of experience in helping American companies develop market share in China, and continues to be a leader in marketing consulting.