Procurement and Outsourcing

Chinese American Business Development Center (CABDC) is rapid growth since the mid-1990s results from our ability to connect manufacturers with high quality procurement and sourcing solutions and to form the right partnerships. For companies just starting business within Chinese markets, we provide regular business trips to China to actually walk the floors of the elite manufacturers and suppliers as part of our client-centered approach. Our individualized service and attention to detail result in high value procurement and sourcing programs for our clients in service and manufacturing sectors.

Our experienced product design and manufacturing professionals work with clients throughout all stages of their projects, from original concept and design to manufacturing, packaging, and providing direct drop shipping services to anywhere in the world.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Laying the Groundwork

A successful sourcing initiative requires commitment in the form of strong executive support, the right products and finally the right partners that can ensure access to the highest quality products to create the highest value.

We identify the most suitable suppliers and partners and ensure that all directives are understood. We ensure your requirements are communicated and monitor the entire production process and provide samples. Our experience ranges from plastics, metals, composites, electronics, tooling, paper products, textiles and medical supplies.

We provide: